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---------------------------------------------------by Alexandra Fofie,
Joudia Alhadreui, Lisa Ruedel

As a cyborg we describe a hybrid

of machine and living organism. People whose bodies are comple- mented by durable artificial compo- nents are also known by this term. The difference with robots is that cyborgs are altered biological life forms and robots consist of pure technology. Starting point for this consideration is the natural evolu- tion, the adaptation of organisms to new environmental conditions.

In modern biotechnology, there are efforts to combine technology with biological elements. In the med- ical context, the use of complex technology is nothing new, e.g. pacemakers, hearing aids or complex prostheses. In the technical sense about 10 percent of the current population of the U.S. are already cyborgs. However, the basic idea of technological functional ingredi- ents is older than the concept of the cyborg itself. We can speak of a connection between the Enlight- enment and the „Prothetisierung

der Welt“ which means a form of emancipation towards nature (Bernd Flessner). Even in science fiction there are cyborg fantasies before the term was coined.

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